Takls Laptop Stand

Elevating a laptop for keeping a good posture is not rocket science which is why Takls should be considered a piece of furniture rather than a "hi-tech” computer gadget. The assembly-kit-concept supports the thought that laptop stands are low-tech and practical objects. Takls is made from 3 mm laser-cut plywood which makes for seemless transportation when carrying a single Takls along with a laptop in a laptop sleeve or bag, and when shipping large quantities across oceans. When punched out and assembled the rounded shapes of Takls makes for eye candy, and compliments the softness of the material and when deassembled Takls will slide into laptop sleeves or bags without fraying fabric and books. In use Takls creates a healthy airflow around the laptop while its wooden texture stands as a beautiful contrast to the electronic gadget it is carrying. Designed by Marcus Kai.

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